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My name is Reihan Ebrahimi and I’m an Iranian-origin ceramic artist based in Tiohtiá:ke/Montreal. My work generally examines the interplay of subjects related to time, memory, and cultural identity. I follow two parallel approaches in my ceramic work. The first one involves my explorations in forms and glazes, either functional or sculptural objects. In the other approach, I investigate the relationship between the archived past and a continual and infinite process of being through my researched-based methodology. As an Iranian diaspora, a significant part of my work is inspired by the Persian cultural heritage. The archeological approach in my installations allows me to capture something invisible in an artifact, find surprising narratives, and put together disparate parts of a puzzle. By exploring the innumerable qualities of clay and glazes, my practice examines how objects are the repository of cultural memory.
I’m a graduate of ceramics from Concordia University (BFA in Ceramics, 2020) in Montreal.